New Format Option for 2019 – Evening Public Speaking Classes

From 2019 we have a new evening public speaking classes.

You can chose to do the ‘Principles Of Public Speaking’ course as a one day course, or a 3 week Evening class.

This option will enable busy business professionals an opportunity to have some great training at a time they may be able to spare.

All too often, it is difficult to factor in the training that is so vital for professional development.   If you do not have the training you need, you may fall behind your own personal targets and expectations.

Having an Evening Public Speaking option is ideal for those working to a tight schedule. You can get the great training you need without buying out time from crucial business hours.

Benifits of our 3 Week Evening Public Speaking Classes

1- Focused Chunks

Our one day courses are fantastic opportunities to get a lot done in one day.

The 3 week Evening Public speaking classes however are delivered in 3 focused chunks.

Each evening covers just a few valuable skills with opportunity to try them out.  In the week between each lesson delegates have the opportunity to hone these few skills before developing the next set.

Each lesson ends with an assignment for each delegate to go home and prepare.  If the objective of this course is to refine a specific presentation, they will have the option to alter their presentation, with the key learning points from that evening in mind.

Training in this format allows you to really improve in each area before learning another skill.

2- Uninterrupted Work Routine

As mentioned in the outset, most business people are under great pressure with deadlines, meetings and other important engagements to take into account.  If you have to factor in training on top of that, your work schedule soon becomes very tight.

Having an evening Public Speaking Class can help you to enjoy this important training in a very relaxed and supported environment, without the pressure or anxiety of buying out time from the office.  

3- Efficient and Productive Training

When you sign up for our one day course it is divided into approximately 3 hour morning and 3 hour afternoon sessions.  With half and hour intro and wrap up giving you 7 hours of training.

Our evening courses are 2 1/2 – 3hours long each week giving you up to 2hours of extra training for the same price.  As both format options cost the same, this gives you great value for money.

As well as this extra coaching time, having the training spread over 3 weeks means that the skills and training stay in the forefront of your mind for the duration of the 3 week period.  

This will enable the training to have a deeper impact on your long term memory,  and ultimately allow the training to impact your abilities in a more effective way.

Our key focus is always to help speakers and presenters perform at their best and feel confident whilst doing it.  Our 3 week evening public speaking course is a fantastic way for professionals to explore and refine their own style of presenting. 

The Evening option is roling out for London and Bristol initially.

If you are interested in this interactive and fun course why not book now click here and go to London or Bristol options for dates.