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The #keynotespe4ker Competition

October is a busy exhibition month, and to make it a little more interesting we are holding a #keynotespe4ker competition.

It will be remembered by the 3 S’s :

Screen Shot – Snap – Share

We want to give away a one day CPD Standards Office accredited training course.

The Principles of Public Speaking or The Presentation Tool Kit are both great training options for any organisations who would like to improve the way their company is represented either internally or B2B.

For qualification in our #keynotespe4ker competition prize draw you have to complete each ‘S’ .

We will have a prize draw on the 1st of November 2019.

To Enter:

Screen Shot!

Take a screen shot of our website homepage


Post the screen shot on your social media feed. Then include our handle and hashtag along with your own handle – or that of the company you work for. #keynotespe4ker

LinkedIn – keynotespe4ker- Alan Wherrett

Twitter – @keynotespe4ker

Insta – @keynotespe4ker

Facebook – @keyotespe4ker 


When we post your picture, in order for you to qualify for entry, you will need a minimum of 10 engagements on your picture on our stream.  That’s a share, a like, a retweet etc…..

This is not a popularity contest, but obviously you will need to be proactive for you or your organisation to qualify and ultimately have a chance of winning.

This prize could save you over £1000 if this is the type of training you are looking to invest in this year.

Look for Me
Alan Wherrett