About Us.

Public Speaker Training

Post Covid-19

From March 2020 we did not conduct any face-to-face training and over the course of a year and a bit we were completely online, using Zoom and Teams for all our speaking and coaching engagements.

Speaking into a webcam may feel weird, but being responsive to change and honing this skill can mean continued success.

For some, the convenience and ease of doing things online has proved useful.  We are there to help you continue to use video conferencing and master the skill of getting connection and powerful delivery in remote public speaking.

A Passion For Potential

Keynote Speaker Ltd are passionate about Public Speaking Training.

Our focus is to help people to improve their presentation skills and help them develop more confidence as public speakers.

Public Speaking is a skill that not only helps in business, it also gives added confidence in personal life.

Whether giving presentations in the workplace, speeches at weddings or just saying a few words at a public event, public speaking can be a daunting task.  Like with any skill, when you have some training and a little practice, it becomes easier.

Experience and Credentials

Alan Wherrett, our Director and lead Public Speaking Coach has over 20 years of weekly public speaking training and experience. He regularly gives presentations to a range of audiences and is described as a warm and engaging speaker.

He has given talks, demonstrations, presentations and chaired meetings to a range of different sized audiences, from 5 to 1000 people.  With this wealth of experience, he aims to help others to become more comfortable at public speaking too.

In around 1993 he joined a weekly programme of public speaking training.  Learning reading and speaking skills in front of audiences of between 5 – 100 people.  The programme consisted of working on around 50 different speaking skills including speech writing, vocal skills and aspects of body language and gestures.

From 2007 he has delivered many presentations around the Southwest of England and South Wales, even having an invitation to speak in Spain near Valencia.  One highlight was delivering a talk in Stroud, Gloucestershire, which was also delivered in over 100k locations around the globe on the same weekend.

Keynote Speaker

In 2016, having gathered years of experience and a lot of training Alan decided to start his company The Keynote Speaker Ltd.  As a training provider for professionals, he delivers a high standard of training and coaching in public speaking and presentation skills.  The training given is focused on the ability to teach and convey information using powerful delivery techniques and harnessing skills unique to each individual.  Helping people to connect with their subject and their audience to create memorable events, rather than the good old death by Powerpoint.

In early 2016 he was approved as a Professional Member of ‘The PSA’ gaining approval from Peter Roper, ‘The Family Business Man’ and Graham Jones, ‘The Internet Psychologist’, both fellows of The PSA.

Later that same year,  Alan designed some course outlines and a handy 32 page booklet.

Since 2019 Alan has also become a certified member of the Association for Coaching.  This means that he, and his team hold to high standards of coaching and training.  In harmony with this, our aim is to ensure all who receive training get the highest level of individual coaching to enhance their speaking abilities.

Professional Speakers Assiciation