All courses have now been accredited by the

CPD Certificates are awarded after completion of any of our 1, 2 or 4 day courses. 

All business professionals need to learn and develop key skills to be able to keep their edge and grow in their field.

With the rise of technology, emails, texts, WhatsApp, dm and a million other platforms for communication, the spoken word has taken a real hit. Many people, even business professionals struggle with some of the most important communication skills. Face to face conversation and public speaking skills. Many would much rather fire an email than chat to their staff. The fear of public speaking moves many away from the most effective method of presenting new ideas and motivating staff.

Another aspect of the modern business world is this ever increasing need for people to keep up to date with more learning, more skills, more areas of development. Most career paths now have CPD requirements to meet.

Keynote Speaker LTD have a range of courses which can be held in-house taken as an open course which are CPD accredited with the CPD Standards Office.

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In my market research before setting up Keynote Speaker as a business to train public speakers I went on a few courses myself to see course content of other providers/ coaches. Pausing was an interesting and major part of one of the courses.

Public speaking is a skill in communication which is valued across business and personal aspects of life.  Many people fear public speaking but it is a form of communication which can add real value to your personal and business development as well as building esteem or self worth. A lack of confidence is a main […]