One to One Coaching.

Single Session One-2-One

First Session From £350

One-2-One Packages

From £650

Online Coaching

£300 Per Session

Personal One-To-One Public Speaking Coaching

Develop quicker as a speaker with personal one to one public speaking coaching.

Coaching for before, during and after your events to help you perform to your best.

  • Conference and Exhibition Speaking
  • Panel discussion and interview techniques
  • Business Pitches and meeting Presentations
  • Camera facing Media Training

Online coaching and feedback is available for those outside the UK.

Of course for those who have the resources, we are always happy to come to you for that extra personal and hands on approach.

With Personal One-to-One coaching you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare and build your presentation
  • How to deliver with authority
  • How to create impact
  • How to handle your nerves

Coaching for Wedding Speeches. Great packages for the wedding party to train together and build a great presentation that will make the day memorable for all the right reasonsContact Us and tell us your needs

One to One Coaching sessions

  • Completely Tailored to you
  • Bespoke to your Event
  • Overcome your personal fears.

We may also help you to develop your outline to suit you as a speaker.

The cost includes a pre coaching phone/skype interview, and analysis of your speech notes and/or PowerPoint presentation you will use.

3 Hour Sessions

Why do I need a coach?

Most people who need to speak in public have done so with little or no training.  Very few ever receive any feedback on what or how they deliver.

If the same pattern happened with professional sports, standards of skill and performance would never rise, in fact, more likely remain the same or drop.  The same is true in a professional business environment.  Large companies and great managers see the need for training for improvement.

Our coaches can guide you in areas where there needs to be improvement, and highlight key strengths you can utilise.

With some good training you can raise your game, work on your strengths and eliminate areas of weakness.

Preparing a Presentation

What is the fastest and most effective way to construct a presentation?  How do you know what you need to include? What style and format should you use? How many notes to use?  PowerPoint or no PowerPoint?

All great questions, all worthy of consideration.  One-2-one coaching can help you to save time in your preparation and help you to prepare as a speaker and not a slide reader.

The most important part of the presentation is how the listener responds.  We can help you to  achieve the results you need from your next Presentation.

“My Coach was thorough, logical and clear.  I wanted to gain confidence and learn how to prepare well, I achieved both of these learning objectives”

Beaufort Embryo Transfer

Emma TomlinsonTomlinson Equine

I received lots of good tips to calm my nerves and some great ideas to improve presentation slides.  Good to have one-2-one coaching

Rebecca CooperNuffield Health

My coach was laid back, relaxed, knows his stuff and calming. My Objective was to learn how to control pace and breathing while in the heat of a presentation. I have the knowledge, I just need to try it in a real situation.

Jon PontingSustainability Specialist Energist UK