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In Person Training is Back

Hit the ground running.  Get back into in-person presenting with an impact.

Our fun and interactive public speaker training will boost your confidence and get you ready for your first few in person presentations after speaking to a little dot and a display full of blank screens for over a year.

Virtual Training To Suit -  Bitesize Modules

If you are still not back to the office, why not hone your skills in connecting with your remote audiences with our bitesize sessions.

Flexible Online Courses

Principles of Public Speaking

Develop as a speaker with our most popular course.

Increase your confidence, change the way you think about and approach your presentations.

Courses delivered online or in person, to suit your needs.

In-House Coaching

In-Person Training is Back!

Fun and interactive in person public speaker training.  Get back in the room with a bang.

Take a fresh look at your presentation skills as you return to meetings in person.

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What They Say:

He’s engaging and so inclusive. Very flexible on suiting the needs of the team too, so a completely custom and worthwhile experience for all concerned. Highly recommended

What They Say:

Alan was thorough, insightful and gave much needed confidence so we both left feeling much more prepared and comfortable about our looming keynote.

For all levels of experience, hiring Alan brings a new lens - Highly recommended.

What They Say:

Engaging and good fun, it was great to spend a day together as a team away from our day-to-day work.

Prepare for your Skype or Zoom presentations with us

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Online Public Speaking Coaching

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In Person Training

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Welcome to the Keynote Speaker.

Online Public Speaking Courses.

Online Public Speaking Courses available where ever you are.

Helping business professionals to become more comfortable with public speaking.

Our public speaking courses are beneficial for the whole range, from those who struggle with nerves to those who want to freshen up their approach.

Birmingham, Bristol, London, Cardiff and Manchester Public Speaking Courses

Some of the major cities with many highly competitive businesses in the UK.  We aim to cultivate the skill of talented professionals within these cities to perform to their potential.  Harnessing this potential and improving the way organisations are represented helps to keep these businesses competitive. Enrol today in our public speaking training courses.

Team Training and One-2-One Coaching

Help to Develop Your Ability as a Public Speaker

Reach your potential as a Public Speaker.  Conquer your Fears.  Public Speaking with Confidence and Presence.  Develop Engaging Communication Skills

 Do you wonder:
  • What do I need to do to become a good public speaker?
  • How can I overcome my nerves and present in an appealing way?
  • What sort of training will help me?

Our coaches have overcome their own nerves to speak to both large and intimate audiences, they can share their experiences and secrets and help you to do the same.

All our Public Speaking Courses and training are tailored to the specific needs of the delegates on the day.

With some great Training Courses and Coaching we can help you to develop skills or create a fresh approach to public speaking.


Our Lead coach is a Professional speaker and member of ‘the PSA’ (professional speakers association)

Professional Speakers Assiciation

Public Speaking Courses.

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A speaking course with The Keynote Speaker will be a must for all my new employees!  Alan clearly has alot of experience in communicating effectively with a variety of audiences. Time is money, so getting information across to clients clearly and quickly is a vital skill for all employees, and Alan fills this need.

Alan has a lovely, easy to listen to speaking manner that draws you in and keeps you interested in the subject being discussed. He leaves you feeling engaged and motivated.

Alan is an enthusiastic and confident speaker.  I enjoy his angle on subjects and his ability to teach simply.

I have had the pleasure of listening to Alan Wherrett deliver several lectures and have no hesitation in recommending his skills as a speaker. The audiences I was a part of were fully engaged as each subject was covered in an interesting and absorbing way. I have picked up several tips on public speaking as a result!

Alan is a experienced public speaker and trainer who has the ability to break down complex topics to manageable points that both to individuals and groups can readily grasp. I’ve found that Alan is not easily phased by the size or background of the group, and manages to keep a down to earth ‘Everyman’ approach so that all feel engaged in his lectures and teaching.

I have heard Alan Wherrett speak on many occasions. I particularly like his warmth & enthusiasm.
I find myself encouraged and motivated after listening to his talks.
A great speaker!
I’ve heard Mr Alan Wherrett speak publicly on a few occasions now. He’s a very comfortable in his own skin speaker, natural and relaxed.
I did arrange for him to speak publicly in Valencia in September and had lovely feedback. His gentle but firm manner with his ability to teach, means taking counsel is never too difficult.

Undertaking the course outlined in this brochure is a must for any individual or organisation wanting to stay one step ahead in the field of self promotion. The recipe for success is here.

Online Public Speaking Coaching

London, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff Public Speaking Courses.

Online Public Speaking courses.  Develop your soft skills online with experienced speakers.

We can cater to you where ever you are in the world, You just need a Webcam and and internet connection and we can help you refine your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.