In House Public Speaking Training.

Handy 32 page Training Booklet

32 Page Training Booklet

New:  Virtually Amazing Package

Remote sessions.  5 x 1 Hour modules spread over a week or 5 weeks.  Get a full 1day experience, in little bite size pieces.  Assignments for each module aimed to develop skills quickly and embed learning.

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Tailored In-House 

Choose from any of our Open Course outlines for your In House Public Speaking Training, or arrange a bespoke course to suit the needs of your team.

  • Refine the way your company is represented
  • Deliver a higher standard of presentations
  • Engender a team spirit by training together

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A Little Overview:

We love to ensure that all delegates feel that the training we provide is Relevant, Beneficial and Fun.

Along with all of our training we provide a very useful 32page booklet entitled ‘The Fundamentals Of Public Speaking’

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Course Options

1 – Principles Of Public Speaking

Our most popular course given as a format for In House Public Speaking Training.

This is a great course for those on your team who struggle with nerves or have never really had much training in public speaking.  This course outline will help them to grow in confidence and relish the thought of speaking, whether it be in front of staff or presenting as a sales pitch.

Understanding audiences and how to appeal is also an integral part of this training programme.

Taking a look at what makes a great presentation and how to prepare as a speaker will also be a valuable feature that will hopefully refine the way you prepare and save valuable time in doing so.

Prices from £1000 

Remote Course* £750

*delivered according to your schedule

Principles of Public Speaking

2- The Presentation Tool Box

We have designed this course to help teams of presenters to refine the way they prepare, design and deliver their everyday so as to make what they do more appealing and memorable.

Analyse your slides, your notes and your style of delivery to increase your effectiveness and efficiency as a presenter.

Learn how using props, visual aides and other interest arousing techniques can change the way you engage with your audience.

Its a complete overhaul in one day.

Prices from £1000

Remote Course* £750

*delivered according to your schedule

2 Day Combination Course

A Combination 2Day course is a great way to raise the standard of public speaking within the company.

Why not give your company a shift in the way you are represented by completing both days.

The 2 days do not have to be successive.  In fact, for best results, by spreading the training over a few weeks it will allow day 1 to sink in and take hold, before commencing with day 2.

Prices from £1850

Remote Course* £1500

*delivered according to your schedule


4 Day Course

We also offer ‘The Keynote Speaker’.  This is our Advanced Public Speaking Course.  It’s 4 days and covers everything a speaker or presenter will need to be equipped to deliver high quality content in a captivating and composed way.

Grow as a group.  The training received over the 4 days will allow your team to truly deepen their skillset.  They will learn what to look out for, so as to begin to train and refine each other.

Everything from gestures to body language.  From using proper emphasis to composure and confidence. How to motivate, how to deliver tough messages.

These 4 days can also be delivered around your time constraints and preferences.

Prices from £3500

The Tailored Approach

Finally, we can create a tailored outline.  You tell us your needs, what you aim to accomplish and what time frames you can work to, then we can construct a training session tailored to those specific needs.


Half days from £750

Full Days from £1000

Virtually Amazing Training

Online training is best done in smaller chunks.  We have created small sessions and half sessions to ensure the training has full impact and is delivered to the best effect.  Training for teams of up to 10 delegates.

“We think that a few members of our wider team would also benefit from your excellent public speaking training”


“Our coach was approachable, friendly, relaxed and created a good learning environment”

“My Coach was thorough, logical and clear.  I wanted to gain confidence and learn how to prepare well, I achieved both of these learning objectives”

Beaufort Embryo Transfer

“My team at Energist and GetOnSite still talk about your training session, they loved it!”


I have to say that I loved speaking today, and that is with definite thanks to my training with Alan.  I’d love to talk more, in fact you may at some point have to tell me to be quiet!

Thank you very much, the presentation skills training I had was very very useful and already has calmed some of my nerves when presenting.

Very calm and relaxed coach.  A good example of what we are aiming for.  I am more aware of my own presentation techniques and know what I need to do to improve future presentations.